i just wondering ...

12:23 am

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i just wondering if i can be a good daughter to my parents , 
hold them tight in their old age ,
make them proud of me with my success in life , 
i will make them see how deep my love to them .

i just wondering if one day my parents past away ,
how can i survive this life without them ?
who else i can lean on to ?
counting days to get back together with them .

i just wondering if i married with my lover , 
can we stay forever ?
can our love be more large than now ?
hope we can make a big family together .

i just wondering if i married someone that i never love , 
i hope he will never broke my heart , 
he will protect me like MIRZA protect her Princess RAZIA ,
blind with their love .

i just wondering if i can stay on my bed along day ,
without eat and drink ,
just happy with my dreams ,
doesn't know when the day and when the night come .

hahahhaha . ececeh  i just try to be more creative in english , because i just heard about creative in radio yesterday , they said that we must create our creativity alone . soooooo , okey .. i know there are many mistakes in my word .. yeahhh , my parents is not birth in london .. hahahaha . they like to eat budu , cencalok and belacan .. not chicken chop .. hhaahha . okey then .. see ya !

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  1. Girl, ur word make me thinking.. True, what happen to our life for next future. ?Everything is change but are we will get a better life?. huhu