Pankhuri Awasthy (razia sultan)

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Razia Sultan minggu akhir.
i just can't believed that RAZIA SULTAN is already reach final week. it just about 3 episode and i will miss razia sultan very much . so today i want to share about Pankhuri Awasthy the heroin of Razia Sultan .

Pankhuri Awasthy

Pankhuri Awasthi is an Indian actress popular on television. She was born in Lucknow and brought up in Delhi. She was the student of Bluebells International for about four years and then finished her graduation from Hindu College. She got placed with a company based in Bangalore. In college, she was part of the drama society and did a lot of plays with other professional theatre groups.

Pankhuri has featured in one episode of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Fanaaha season 2 before she was signed for Razia Sultan. She grabbed the role of Razia in &Tv's show Razia Sultan only after three to four auditions. She has done a lot of research for the role and has put in hours of practice learning sword fighting and horse riding. She was last seen in the historical series Suryaputra Karn which aired on Sony.
Personal Profile
Name : Pankhuri Awasthi
Date of birth : Unknown
Place Of Birth : Lucknow
Age : Unknown
Height : 5'4" (approx)
Occupation : Actress and VJ
Favourite Actor : Shah Rukh Khan
Favourite Movie : Swades and Pardes

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